Collection-level Metadata

Collections inside of the galaxy entry of an execution environment will contribute their Python and system requirements to the image.

Requirements from a collection can be recognized in these ways:

  • A file meta/execution-environment.yml references the Python and/or bindep requirements files

  • A file named requirements.txt is in the root level of the collection

  • A file named bindep.txt is in the root level of the collection

If any of these files are in the build_ignore of the collection, it will not work correctly.

Collection maintainers can verify that ansible-builder recognizes the requirements they expect by using the introspect command. Example:

ansible-builder introspect --sanitize ~/.ansible/collections/

The --sanitize option will go through all of the collection requirements and remove duplicates, as well as remove some Python requirements that should normally be excluded (see Python Dependencies below).


Use the -v3 option to introspect to see logging messages about requirements that are being excluded.

Python Dependencies

Python requirements files are combined into a single file using the requirements-parser library in order to support complex syntax like references to other files.

Entries from separate collections that give the same package name will be combined into the same entry, with the constraints combined.

There are several package names which are specifically ignored by ansible-builder, meaning that if a collection lists these, they will not be included in the combined file. These include test packages and packages that provide Ansible itself. The full list can be found in EXCLUDE_REQUIREMENTS in the ansible_builder.requirements module.

Any requirements supplied in the user requirements file, via the --user-pip option to the introspect command, will not be processed against the list of excluded Python packages.

System-level Dependencies

The bindep format provides a way of specifying cross-platform requirements. A minimum expectation is that collections specify necessary requirements for [platform:rpm].

Entries from multiple collections will be combined into a single file. Only requirements with no profiles (runtime requirements) will be installed to the image. Entries from multiple collections which are outright duplicates of each other may be consolidated in the combined file.