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Setting up development environment

A demo of the setup can be found on youtube.

It is recommended to work on the forked copy of this repository from your github account to raise pull requests.

git clone<your-github-id>/ansible-language-server.git
cd ansible-language-server
git remote add upstream
git fetch --all
git checkout -b <name_of_branch> upstream/main

Running & debugging the language-server with VS Code

  • Install dependent packages within ansible-language-server root directory
ansible-language-server$ npm install .

This will install the dependent modules under node_modules folder within the current directory.

  • Clone the repository containing the VS Code extension code into the vscode-ansible directory next to the root directory of this repository.
cd ..
git clone
cd vscode-ansible
  • Open a new VS Code window and add folder to workspace File -> Add folder to workspace and add vscode-ansible and ansible-language-server folders to the workspace

  • Once the language server and vscode-ansible/ directory is prepared, compile both client and server using command

npm run compile-withserver
  • In the Run and debug window select Client + Server (source) configuration and start debugging Run -> Start Debugging. This will open up a new VS Code window which is the Extension development Host window.

  • In the Extension development Host window add a new folder that has ansible files.

  • You can set the ansible-language-server settings by adding .vscode/settings.json file under the root folder. Example settings:

  "ansible.python.interpreterPath": "<change to python3 executable path>",
  "ansible.ansible.path": "<change to ansible executable path>",
  "ansibleServer.trace.server": "verbose"

Cleaning the output

If you hit an odd compilation or debugger problem, don't hesitate to clean the output directory by running npm run clean under the vscode-ansible folder. You should also run it whenever you are switching between debug/compilation modes.

Building server locally

  1. Install prerequisites:

  2. latest Visual Studio Code

  3. Node.js v12.0.0 or higher

  4. Fork and clone this repository

  5. Install the dependencies

cd ansible-language-server
npm ci
  1. Build the language server
npm run compile
  1. The newly built server is now located in ./out/server/src/server.js.
node ./out/server/src/server.js --stdio

Last update: November 29, 2022
Created: November 29, 2022