Limiting hosts

You can limit hosts to run a playbook through configuring the meta data in an event’s data. The limiting hosts must be a subset of the hosts (inventory) selected in the rules file.

Event data example:

    "i": 0,
    "meta": {"hosts": "localhost"}

The value for “hosts” can be a comma delimited string of multiple host names, but typically it is a single host. This is useful to restrict a remedy playbook to run only on the problematical host that emits a monitored event. Be sure that the source plugin already sends this metadata.

Inserting hosts to meta

The plugins may not send metadata like for example the ansible.eda.webhook plugin which sends the arbitrary payload under the payload key.

To accommodate this, the EDA collection provides the insert_hosts_to_meta filter, allowing any plugin to customize the value of event.meta.hosts based on the contents of a specific key in the event.


The host_path argument in the filter insert_hosts_to_meta does not need the event. prefix like conditions or action arguments.


    - ansible.eda.webhook:
        port: 4444
        - ansible.eda.insert_hosts_to_meta:
            host_path: "payload.alert.instances"