• To build images, you must install a containerization tool - either podman or docker - as well as the ansible-builder Python package.

  • The --container-runtime option must correspond to the containerization tool you use.

  • ansible-builder version 3.x requires Python 3.9 or higher.

Install from PyPI

$ pip3 install ansible-builder


An alternative approach to installing ansible-builder is using the ansible-dev-tools package. Ansible Development Tools (ADT) is a single Python package that includes all necessary tools to set up a development environment, generate new collections, build and test the content.

# This also installs ansible-core if it is not already installed
$ pip3 install ansible-dev-tools

Install from Source

To install from the mainline development branch:

$ pip3 install

To install from a specific tag or branch, replace <ref> in the following example:

$ pip3 install<ref>.zip