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Feature Flags

Some features are disabled by default. You can enable them by setting the feature flag under GALAXY_FEATURE_FLAGS setting.

Example for enabling EEs endpoints:

via environment variables

export PULP_GALAXY_FEATURE_FLAGS__execution_environments=true
via /etc/pulp/
GALAXY_FEATURE_FLAGS__execution_environments = True

# Alternatively
  "dynaconf_merge": True,
  "execution_environments": True

The same pattern can be used for the following feature flags:

  • signatures_enabled
    • boolean
    • Enable the signing feature
    • default: False (or turned true whenever a Signing Service is set)
  • require_upload_signatures
    • boolean
    • Require a signature to be upload before collection approval
    • default: value of GALAXY_REQUIRE_SIGNATURE_FOR_APPROVAL setting.
  • can_create_signatures
    • boolean
    • Tells UI to show the signing buttons
    • default: signatures_enabled AND Signing Service is set AND keys present
  • can_upload_signatures
    • boolean
    • Tells UI to show the upload signature button
    • default: signatures_enabled AND GALAXY_REQUIRE_SIGNATURE_FOR_APPROVAL
  • collection_auto_sign
    • boolean
    • Set the signature to be created automatically when collection is approved
    • Default: value of GALAXY_AUTO_SIGN_COLLECTIONS setting.
  • display_signatures
    • boolean
    • Tells UI to show the signature information on badges
    • default: signatures_enabled AND (can create or can upload)
  • execution_environments
    • boolean
    • Tells UI to show the execution environments tab and enable EE endpoints
    • default: False
  • container_signing
    • boolean
    • Tells UI to show the container signing buttons and badges
    • default: True when Container Signing Service is configured
  • ai_deny_index
    • boolean
    • Enables AI Deny Index endpoints and tells UI to display the Wisdom opt-out buttons
    • default: False
  • display_repositories
    • boolean
    • Signals the UI to show or not to show repository information.
    • default: True