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The official operator for Galaxy.

Latest Release:

Galaxy-Operator uses the Ansible Operator SDK.

(This project was formerly maintained under the ansible branch of the pulp-operator repo)


Galaxy-Operator images are automatically built by our CI and hosted on

Note that Galaxy-Operator requires three separate images (the operator, the main galaxy service, and the web interface):

Operator Service UI
galaxy-operator galaxy-ng galaxy-ui

Custom Resource Definitions

Galaxy-Operator currently provides three different kinds of Custom Resources: Galaxy, Galaxy Backup and Galaxy Restore.

Galaxy (

Manages the Galaxy application and its deployments, services, etc.

Galaxy Backup (

Manages Galaxy backups through the following ansible role

Galaxy Restore (

Manages the restoration of a Galaxy backup through the following ansible role


With Galaxy you can:

  • Host your Ansible Collections
  • Host execution environment (EE) and decision environments (DE)
  • Locally mirror all of, or a subset of your collections, execution environments, and decision environments
  • Manage content from multiple sources in one place
  • Promote content through different repos in an organized way

If you have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of collections and execution environments and need a better way to manage them, Galaxy can help.

Galaxy is completely free and open-source!

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