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Ansible Lint Documentation

About Ansible Lint

Ansible Lint is a command-line tool for linting playbooks, roles and collections aimed toward any Ansible users. Its main goal is to promote proven practices, patterns and behaviors while avoiding common pitfalls that can easily lead to bugs or make code harder to maintain.

Ansible lint is also supposed to help users upgrade their code to work with newer versions of Ansible. Due to this reason we recommend using it with the newest version of Ansible, even if the version used in production may be older.

As any other linter, it is opinionated. Still, its rules are the result of community contributions and they can always be disabled based individually or by category by each user.

Ansible Galaxy project makes use of this linter to compute quality scores for Galaxy Hub contributed content. This does not mean this tool only targets those that want to share their code. Files like galaxy.yml, or sections like galaxy_info inside meta.yml help with documentation and maintenance, even for unpublished roles or collections.

The project was originally started by @willthames and has since been adopted by the Ansible Community team. Its development is purely community driven while keeping permanent communications with other Ansible teams.