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Ansible Pytest Documentation

About Ansible Pytest

The pytest-ansible plugin is designed to provide seamless integration between pytest and Ansible, allowing you to efficiently run and test Ansible-related tasks and scenarios within your pytest test suite. This plugin enhances the testing workflow by offering three distinct pieces of functionality:

  1. Unit Testing for Ansible Collections: This feature aids in running unit tests for Ansible collections using pytest. It allows you to validate the behavior of your Ansible modules and roles in isolation, ensuring that each component functions as expected.

  2. Molecule Scenario Integration: The plugin assists in running Molecule scenarios using pytest. This integration streamlines the testing of Ansible roles and playbooks across different environments, making it easier to identify and fix issues across diverse setups.

  3. Ansible Integration for Pytest Tests: With this functionality, you can seamlessly use Ansible from within your pytest tests. This opens up possibilities to interact with Ansible components and perform tasks like provisioning resources, testing configurations, and more, all while leveraging the power and flexibility of pytest.