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Ansible-lint profiles gradually increase the strictness of rules as your Ansible content lifecycle. To configure linter to use a specific profile, read applying-profiles.


Rules with * in the suffix are not yet implemented but are documented with linked GitHub issues.


The min profile ensures that Ansible can load content. Rules in this profile are mandatory because they prevent fatal errors. You can add files to the exclude list or provide dependencies to load the correct files.


The basic profile prevents common coding issues and enforces standard styles and formatting. It extends min profile.


The moderate profile ensures that content adheres to best practices for making content easier to read and maintain. It extends basic profile.


The safety profile avoids module calls that can have non-determinant outcomes or security concerns. It extends moderate profile.


The shared profile ensures that content follows best practices for packaging and publishing. This profile is intended for content creators who want to make Ansible playbooks, roles, or collections available from, automation-hub, or a private instance. It extends safety profile.


The production profile ensures that content meets requirements for inclusion in Ansible Automation Platform (AAP) as validated or certified content. It extends shared profile.