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Tox Ansible Documentation

About Tox Ansible

tox-ansible is a utility designed to simplify the testing of ansible content collections.

Implemented as tox plugin, tox-ansible provides a simple way to test ansible content collections across multiple python interpreter and ansible versions.

tox-ansible uses familiar python testing tools to perform the actual testing. It uses tox to create and manage the testing environments, ansible-test sanity to run the sanity tests, and pytest to run the unit and integration tests. This eliminated the black box nature of other approaches and allows for more control over the testing process.

When used on a local development system, each of the environments are left intact after a test run. This allows for easy debugging of failed tests for a given test type, python interpreter and ansible version.

By using tox to create and manage the testing environments, Test outcomes should always be the same on a local development system as they are in a CI/CD pipeline.

tox virtual environments are created in the .tox directory. These are easily deleted and recreated if needed.