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Migrating data from an old AWX instance

To migrate data from an older AWX installation, you must provide some information via Secrets.

Creating Secrets for Migration

Secret Key

You can find your old secret key in the inventory file you used to deploy AWX in releases prior to version 18.

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: <resourcename>-secret-key
  namespace: <target-namespace>
  secret_key: <old-secret-key>
type: Opaque

Note: <resourcename> must match the name of the AWX object you are creating. In our example below, it is awx.

Old Database Credentials

The secret should be formatted as follows:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: <resourcename>-old-postgres-configuration
  namespace: <target namespace>
  host: <external ip or url resolvable by the cluster>
  port: "<external port, this usually defaults to 5432>"    # quotes are required
  database: <desired database name>
  username: <username to connect as>
  password: <password to connect with>
type: Opaque

For host, a URL resolvable by the cluster could look something like postgresql.<namespace>.svc.<cluster domain>, where <namespace> is filled in with the namespace of the AWX deployment you are migrating data from, and <cluster domain> is filled in with the internal kubernretes cluster domain (In most cases it's cluster.local).

If your AWX deployment is already using an external database server or its database is otherwise not managed by the AWX deployment, you can instead create the same secret as above but omit the -old- from the name. In the next section pass it in through postgres_configuration_secret instead, omitting the _old_ from the key and ensuring the value matches the name of the secret. This will make AWX pick up on the existing database and apply any pending migrations. It is strongly recommended to backup your database beforehand.

The postgresql pod for the old deployment is used when streaming data to the new postgresql pod. If your postgresql pod has a custom label, you can pass that via the postgres_label_selector variable to make sure the postgresql pod can be found.

Deploy AWX

When you apply your AWX object, you must specify the name to the database secret you created above:

kind: AWX
  name: awx
  old_postgres_configuration_secret: <resourcename>-old-postgres-configuration
  secret_key_secret: <resourcename>-secret-key

Important Note

If you intend to put all the above in one file, make sure to separate each block with three dashes like so:

# Secret key

# Database creds

# AWX Config
Failing to do so will lead to an inoperable setup.