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This rule checks for vars_prompt or the ansible.builtin.pause module in playbooks. You should enable this rule to ensure that playbooks can run unattended and in CI/CD pipelines.

This is an opt-in rule. You must enable it in your Ansible-lint configuration as follows:

  - no-prompting

Problematic Code

- name: Example playbook
  hosts: all
  vars_prompt: # <- Prompts the user to input credentials.
    - name: username
      prompt: What is your username?
      private: false

    - name: password
      prompt: What is your password?
    - name: Pause for 5 minutes
        minutes: 5 # <- Pauses playbook execution for a set period of time.

Correct Code

Correct code for this rule is to omit vars_prompt and the ansible.builtin.pause module from your playbook.