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This rule checks the tests/sanity/ignore-x.x.txt file for disallowed ignores. This rule is extremely opinionated and enforced by Partner Engineering as a requirement for Red Hat Certification. The currently allowed ruleset is subject to change, but is starting at a minimal number of allowed ignores for maximum test enforcement. Any commented-out ignore entries are not evaluated, and ignore files for unsupported versions of ansible-core are not evaluated.

This rule can produce messages like:

  • sanity[cannot-ignore] - Ignore file contains {test} at line {line_num}, which is not a permitted ignore.
  • sanity[bad-ignore] - Ignore file entry at {line_num} is formatted incorrectly. Please review.

Currently allowed ignores for all Ansible versions are:

  • validate-modules:missing-gplv3-license
  • action-plugin-docs
  • import-2.6
  • import-2.6!skip
  • import-2.7
  • import-2.7!skip
  • import-3.5
  • import-3.5!skip
  • compile-2.6
  • compile-2.6!skip
  • compile-2.7
  • compile-2.7!skip
  • compile-3.5
  • compile-3.5!skip
  • shellcheck
  • shebang
  • pylint:used-before-assignment

Problematic code

# tests/sanity/ignore-x.x.txt
plugins/module_utils/ import-3.6!skip
# tests/sanity/ignore-x.x.txt

Correct code

# tests/sanity/ignore-x.x.txt
plugins/module_utils/ import-2.7!skip