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Podman inside Docker

Sometimes your CI system comes prepared to run with Docker but you want to test podman into it. This prepare.yml playbook would let podman run inside a privileged Docker host by adding some required settings:

- name: prepare
  hosts: podman-in-docker
    - name: install fuse-overlayfs
          - fuse-overlayfs

    - name: create containers config dir
        group: root
        mode: a=rX,u+w
        owner: root
        path: /etc/containers
        state: directory

    - name: make podman use fuse-overlayfs storage
        content: |
          # See man 5 containers-storage.conf for more information
          driver = "overlay"
          mount_program = "/usr/bin/fuse-overlayfs"
          mountopt = "nodev,metacopy=on"
        dest: /etc/containers/storage.conf
        group: root
        mode: a=r,u+w
        owner: root

    - name: make podman use cgroupfs cgroup manager
        content: |
          # See man 5 libpod.conf for more information
          cgroup_manager = "cgroupfs"
        dest: /etc/containers/libpod.conf
        group: root
        mode: a=r,u+w
        owner: root

Another option is to configure the same settings directly into the molecule.yml definition:

  name: podman
  - name: podman-in-docker
    # ... other options
    cgroup_manager: cgroupfs
    storage_opt: overlay.mount_program=/usr/bin/fuse-overlayfs
    storage_driver: overlay

At the time of writing, Gitlab CI shared runners run privileged Docker hosts and are suitable for these workarounds.