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Molecule Next

Molecule "next" is the future major version of molecule, one that is currently available from the main branch. One of the main goals of the new version is to reduce the amount of magic and just rely on ansible core features.

Implemented changes

  • roles-path and collections-paths are no longer configurable for dependencies. Users are expected to make use of ansible.cfg file to alter them when needed.

  • molecule init command is now only available to create a scenario using molecule init scenario. Users will no longer be able to create a role. Instead, users can make use of ansible-galaxy to create a collection or role.

  • From v6, testinfra is now an optional dependency. It will be removed in the next major release(v7).

Planned changes

  • Refactoring how dependencies are installed
  • Bringing ephemeral directory under scenario folder instead of the current inconvenient location under ~/.cache/molecule/...
  • Addition of a minimal ansible.cfg file under the scenario folder that can be used to tell Ansible from where to load testing content. This is to replace current Molecule magic around roles, collections and library paths and test inventory location. Once done you will be able to run molecule playbooks with Ansible directly without having to define these folders.